WFM for omnichannel contact center

access_time 2024-06-07T10:54:05.214Z face Vinay Vasudevan
WFM for omnichannel contact center Customer engagement is constantly improving in the space of contact center and shifting to create more and better experience to a customer. Most of the call centers are gradually improving and turning into a contact center. Earlier it used to be only Inbound (i.e. ...

Break Time Optimization with Excel

access_time 2024-06-07T10:25:39.919Z face Daniel Crespo
Break Time Optimization with Excel Optimization of break and lunch times is a topic you hear about often on roles like Scheduler or Real timer. Now, If you are using WFM software, most likely you have all settings ready to optimize when needed, but what If you don´t have a WFM tool?Can this be done ...

Fundamentals of scheduling

access_time 2024-06-07T09:32:14.744Z face Vinay Vasudevan
Fundamentals of scheduling Workforce Management is an integrated set of process which follows a certain cycle as shown below. In this cycle, all the steps play a major role in Contact Center. Today, in this article we are going to talk about fundamentals of scheduling. So, what is scheduling? Schedu...

Forecasting in WFM

access_time 2024-05-21T08:37:56.855Z face Harinder
Forecasting in WFM The basis of any staffing plan is to workload forecast. Without a good forecast of the work to be expected, the most sophisticated effort to calculate staff numbers and create schedule plans is wasted effort. Good accurate forecast is the most important step of the process. WFM a...

Fundamentals of Capacity Planning

access_time 2024-05-21T08:31:07.456Z face Vinay Vasudevan
Fundamentals of capacity planning When WFM professionals hear the word capacity planning, they automatically feel proud about their job. That is the power of Capacity Planning!! Many analysts aspire to become a capacity planner one day, because of the challenge, fun and satisfaction the planning ac...
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