Forecasting in WFM

access_time 2024-05-21T08:37:56.855Z face Harinder
Forecasting in WFM The basis of any staffing plan is to workload forecast. Without a good forecast of the work to be expected, the most sophisticated effort to calculate staff numbers and create schedule plans is wasted effort. Good accurate forecast is the most important step of the process. WFM a...

Introduction to simple forecasting methods

access_time 2024-05-21T00:26:18.88Z face Vinay Vasudevan
Introduction to Simple Forecasting Methods This is a repost and the original link is here “Introduction to Simple Forecasting Methods” Forecasting is one of the most important aspects in business. We use the techniques to anticipate the future.In business, the forecasting is used to allocate the ma...
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