Intraday management wfm empirical studies in a call center industry

Intraday is one of the 7 key deliverables of workforce management (WFM). This one focus in ensuring that the planning situation will be realized (Forecast achievement, Service Level, Occupancy, Utilization etc.) in which is happening in most of the contact centers. However, this deliverable adjustment are enacted manually by WFM personnel.

Workforce Management plan is indispensable part of contact center operations. Unless otherwise the company takes new approach to intraday management, they may find that their forecast and schedules grow increasingly useless. With the current trend where customers have a variety of options for contacting a company, unplanned events can be freely spread virally in just a matter of seconds. A nimble approach to WFM is very essential particularly in Intraday Management. But, let’s take a glimpse on the most important Intraday capacities:

1. Monitoring of calls

2. Integrate quality assurance with exerted effort from agent’s performance

3. Queues based on agents skills

4. Survey

It’s very imperative that contact Center leaders look beyond the initial outlay. Anecdotally, when asked which metric had been most positive affected by the use of intraday management, they normally say that it was agent productivity. The existing of WFM intraday management is way more effective system if it is well implemented.

As we globally defined, Workforce Management process is both an art and a science of getting the just right number of staff in place every period of the day to meet service levels while minimizing cost. There are actionable approach with the most effective planning consistently follow the below steps:

1. Collect data (Historical)

2. Calculate Base staff and Costs

3. Forecast the workload

4. Optimize schedules

5. Strict Roster Verification

Christian Gonzales Evora
This how we live in a WFM world. Feel free to learn more or should there be any questions just shoot me an

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