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Forecasting expert (Pre-Recorded)

Unlock the power of prediction with our Forecasting Expert course - your key to mastering the art of foreseeing trends and outcomes! Learn to create long-term and short-term forecasts with various forecasting methods used in the contact center industry.

Dive into pre-recorded modules led by industry experts, and sharpen your forecasting skills for a brighter future ahead

Instructor: WFM eLearningLanguage: English


+ Introduction to Forecasting
    - Purpose
    - Forecasting Time Scope
+ Forecasting process overview
+ Generate forecast 
    - Gather historical data
    - Data anomalies
    - Forecasting methods
    - Approaches of measuring Forecasting accuracy
    - Select best forecasting method
+ Forecast lock process
    - Gather historical data
    - Forecast comparison (30-60-90)
+ Publish forecast
+ Forecast lock process
Forecasting methods
- Naïve methods
- Moving average
- Weighted Moving average
- Simple Exponential smoothing
- Double Exponential smoothing (Holt’s Method)
- Triple Exponential smoothing - (Winter Holt’s)
- Time series decomposition
- Linear & Multiple regression

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