Here's why your sales contact centre needs WFM analytics

Following from my last article, “Applying WFM in Outbound Contact Centres”, lets take a look the possible financial gains in your business by implementing and applying WFM Analytics.

Based on a Cold Calling environment, I conducted an analysis whereby the current performance was measured and then a prediction was made of the possible financial gains by improving the efficiency of the contact centre, using WFM driven analytics and guidance.

The comparisons above shows the gains based on the increase in Productivity and the fluctuation of headcount. We immediately see profit gains of around R 58 000,00 just by increasing the productivity in the contact centre by 15% (comparison 2). Using this in-depth analysis, the sweet spot in this outbound department is an 85% Productivity with a headcount of 78.

These figures were achievable without having to change or redesign the marketing data mix, it’s achievable simply by bringing to light the contact centre performance stats, using a WFM approach and coaching the sales management team on how to use the data to improve the way the contact centre operates.

Looking at comparisons 3 and 4, I also proved that drastically reducing staff will also negatively impact the performance of the department – as in many cases, the perception of WFM is always seen as “reduce staff” but, does that then mean “more staff = more sales”?

Before we answer that question, lets compare the financial savings when reducing staff and the profit gains from increasing productivity:

  • Comparison 2 in the above chart shows a salary saving of R 731 379,84 when reducing the headcount from 82 to 78 and an increase in sales profit by almost R 58 000,00.
  • Comparison 4 has the biggest salary saving of just over R 2 Million however, the increase in sales profit is around R 50 000,00.

Keep in mind that the sales profit directly relates to the active client base, so by drastically reducing headcount, we might see a saving on salary but it directly affects the growth rate of the product being sold which puts the business at risk against competitors in the same market. Together with high attrition rates due to increased productivity, costs may actually increase to recruit and train new staff and the depending on your business, the time in which it takes staff to become efficient in selling the product, also puts the business at risk.

So, does more staff equal more sales – No, it doesn’t.

Looking back at the existing structure of this sales department, their current performance with a headcount of 82 at a productivity level of 70% produced and annual profit of around R 1,5 Million but comparison 2 shows us that with a headcount of 78 at a productivity of 85%, the potential annual profit is around R 1.8 Million.

This is the sweet spot that I referred to, finding the best balance between staff and production levels within the contact centre and introducing WFM Analytics to improve the way the contact centre operates, your business can get the best possible outputs with the least possible inputs.

If you do see an opportunity for your sales contact centre to improve, drop me an email and lets chat –

Corey Sewpersad
WFM Leadership | BI Analyst | Financial Planning

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